Experience using modern, open source software to prototype and deploy backend web applications, including all aspects of server-side processing, data storage, and integration with frontend development.

Primarily responsible for:

  • Web development using open-source web programming languages (e.g., Ruby, Python) and frameworks (e.g., Django, Rails)

  • Developing and consuming web-based, RESTful APIs

  • Using and working in team environments that use agile methodologies (e.g., Scrum, Lean)

  • Authoring developer-friendly documentation (e.g., API documentation, deployment operations)

  • Test-driven development

  • Use of version control systems, specifically Git and GitHub

  • Quickly researching and learning new programming tools and techniques

  • Relational and non-relational database systems

  • Scalable search technology (e.g. ElasticSearch, Solr)

  • Handling large data sets and scaling their handling and storage

  • Using and working with open source solutions and community

  • Communicating technical concepts to a non-technical audience