Experience specifying, collecting, and presenting key performance data and analysis for a given digital service. Supports Product Managers by generating new and useful information and translating it into actions that will allow them to iteratively improve their service for users. Possesses analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for quickly developing recommendations based on the quantitative and qualitative evidence gathered via web analytics, financial data, and user feedback. Confident in explaining technical concepts to senior officials with limited technological background. And comfortable working with data, from gathering and analysis through to design and presentation.

Primarily responsible for:

  • Support the Product Manager to make sure their service meets performance requirements

  • Communicate service performance against key indicators to internal and external stakeholders

  • Ensure high-quality analysis of agency transaction data

  • Support the procurement of the necessary digital platforms to support automated and real-time collection and presentation of data

  • Share examples of best practice in digital performance management across government

  • Identify delivery obstacles to improving transactional performance in agencies and working with teams to overcome those obstacles